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Custom Software Development Company

Olivn is one of the best software development company. You can solve any software related problem and development with our website. All of our developers are skilled and well trained. A software development company generally design websites and develop different types of apps and operating system. It also helps to re-engineer any software.

Our software development company is providing all of the advantages. Besides, you will get 24/7 support and regular update. We will provide our supports even after delivering the software to you. We ensure proper maintenance of software. Let’s see some other factors and services of Olivn.

Software Conceptualization and Design

Software Conceptualization and Design


Software conceptualization is the main principle for your project. Research is first and foremost if you want the best conceptualization of your software. It is the initial activity of design.

Designing is another important factor. Any idea for development goes through reality with the process design.

Happy to know that we have a creative team of designers who can create world-class applications efficiently

Software Product development


Product development is necessary to keep on schedule. Besides, its requirements get change constantly.

Our software product development service ensures the highest standard for code quality and design.

Also, your product development will be kept on schedule and change with the new requirement. Our software development company maintain the quality and aware of the cost.

Software Product development
Software Product Re-engineering

Software Product Re-engineering


Happily informing you that our developers can help you in any software re-engineering. Very often our efficient software falls and can’t meet our needs.

In that case, you don’t need to start from the first with new software. Re-engineering is an effective and affordable solution.

So you must get great advantage from our software re-engineering team.

Software maintenance and support


The main purpose of software maintenance is to update the software application for better performance. It is a procedure for modifying the software after it has delivered to the customer.

With the maintenance, we re-correct the faults, improve the design, and migrate legacy software and many more.

Our developers also provide a good support. Our supporting team is always really to solve any software related problem.

Software maintenance
Software Testing and QA

Software Testing and QA


Software testing refers to the activities that ensure the identification of errors and defects in software. It is a product-oriented and preventive process. It is also determined as the subset of QC (Quality Control)

The full meaning of QA is quality assurance. QA ensures the implementation of processes and procedures.

It is a process-oriented activity. It is also determined as a subset of STLC (software test life cycle)